Why choose Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Technology

The unmatched technology provides a simple, one-stop solution for laser hair removal.
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Who is laser hair removal for?

At SilkMed Laser & Skin Care we treat men and women of all ages and nationalities with the remarkable Soprano ICE Platinum technology. People with thick, coarse, and dark hair are encouraged to experience a permanent hair-free solution.
AreaPrice FPrice MTime
Full face$150$18020 min
Chin$75$8510 min
Sideburn$75$8510 min
Sideburn$75$8510 min
Full legs$399$49960 min
Upper legs$200$32530 min
Lower legs$249$32530 min
Full arm$299$34945 min
Upper arm$185$21020 min
Lower arm$185$21020 min
Under arm$150$17515 min
Brizilian$185$19520 min
Bikini line$100$15010 min
Abdomen strip$75$8510 min
Aureolas$7510 min
Full Body$799$949120 min
Abs$175$19530 min
Chest$185$29930 min
Back $349$45060 min
Feet/Hand fingers$85$9510 min
Half chin&upper lips$120$15015 min
Neck$85$15015 min
Nose$75$755 min
Shoulder$150$17520 min
Back & Shoulder$425$54975 min
Back Upper$195$29530 min
Back Lower$195$29530 min
cheeks$75$8510 min
knees$50$6510 min
brow bone$75$855 min
inner tights$120$15020 min